At Ånyo, we strongly believe in a Circular Economy and therefore only use second-hand denim jackets for the  production. The production of new denim is land, energy and water intense (almost 7,600 liters of water is needed to produce one pair of jeans), so by extending the lifecycle of the garment, we contribute towards a lower ecological footprint of the product.


Denim is also a very durable material and can withstand life long use if taken care of correctly. This is why we don’t believe in wasting this precious material.


Instead of throwing out or dispose of the jacket at the end of it’s

lifecycle and your ownership, we will pay back a deposit for

each jacket that is returned to us in order to give it a second or

third life.


The concept of the Circular Economy is restorative, regenerative and focuses on value creation where value otherwise might be lost or overseen. The Ellen MacArthur Foundation estimates that the Circular Economy will create more than £1 trillion in value in Europe alone by 2025 and offers a vast amount of opportunities for businesses across industries.


At Ånyo, we want to help you realise value creation linked to a circular business model by offering consultancy services and a Circular Strategy Action Plan. We aid businesses within the fashion and luxury sector to grow their sustainability initiatives and help in bringing in business practices that align with the Circular Economy. We can help you realise the following:

  • Develop a strategy outlining how to generate additional value from materials and assets within the business

  • Suggest ways to create a more efficient operating model

  • Develop long-term service-based relationships with end consumers 

  • Create a closed loop system with less waste 


These action points will have a transformational effect on your business practices and will contribute towards a healthier and more sustainable society and environment for future generations to come.