Bespoke Offers

In addition to the collections available on the website, we also offer a
bespoke service where we design embellished jackets according to
your unique style. There is also an option of sending us your own
denim jacket that has a tired look or been neglected for too long, and
we will give them a second chance to shine. Pieces of fabric or
embellishments you have lying around at home can also be used in
this process.


1. Gives us some initial ideas about what you like and dislike in

terms of jacket styles, colours and patterns. A good option is
to look through our Instagram feed, Pinterest site or current
collection on the website for inspiration and send us images
and screenshots of what you like.

2. We will try to source a second hand jacket in line with your
requirements and send you images and measurements.

An alternative is for you to send us your
old denim jacket that’s been laying at the back of your
wardrobe for way too long and send it to us for a remake.

3. We will then send over a few fabric examples to be
considered and you choose your favourite. If
non are according to your taste, the sourcing process
continues. There is also an option for you to send over any
pieces of textile or leftover fabric you wish to use for the

4. When jacket and fabric is selected, different options for
embellishment designs are sent over.

5. The jacket gets made accordingly and shipped over to you.

To make an enquiry about a bespoke jacket by clicking below: